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If you work or volunteer as part of an emergency service agency today, you face an enormous task. It makes no difference if you are a firefighter, a paramedic, an operator as part of an amateur radio group or a member of a citizen emergency response team, you have huge responsibilities. At the Open ISES Project, we are here to help you meet those needs and responsibilities through the use of free, open source software and support materials.

Much of the software used by emergency services today comes in a "one size fits all" box. It makes no difference if the community is 600 or 600,000. For many of the smaller agencies the cost of such software is simply out of reach. Through the use of open source software, we can help you meet your specific software needs and not pillage your budget.

The use of open source software allows you to have access to the software code, the very thing that allows the software to function. By having access to the source code, you can modify the software to do what you need it to do, not what someone in a high-rise office building thinks you should be doing. This gives you the freedom to modify, change and most importantly share the software with your fellow providers. All of our software projects are required to be open source, using an open source license recognized by the Open Source Definition. Because our software is created by volunteers, there is no charge for any program and there never will be.

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Tickets: Computer Aided Dispatch Software

Version 2.12 Now Available
Major Upgrade

Tickets, the flagship software product of the Open ISES Project has released their latest update. This version is a major upgrade to Tickets and contains a wealth of new features that really expand the functionality of the software, some of these have been under development for sometime. Two major changes include an Internet Optional mode and the ability to use Tickets in a mobile mode. Take a look at the Tickets 2.12 Update Page to get the full story on the latest release.(Earlier releases can be found on the Tickets 2.11 Update Page

If you are not familiar with Tickets, it is a fully functional CAD system that includes such options as vehicle tracking, cell phone and text message integration, automatic e-mail notifications and more. It is cross-platform, and will work with any modern day browser, on any computer system. To learn more about Tickets, visit the Tickets Project Page. You can also download and view a video of Tickets in action (This is a large file, about 33MB).

Call & Pump Training Program

The First Release in the Public Training Program Project

The "Call and Pump" training project is a way to bring 'simplified' CPR training to the general public. This program has seen some really good results since its inception, resulting in increased survival from out-of hospital cardiac arrest. This program places the emphasis on calling 9-1-1 to get help on the way, and doing compressions until help arrives.

The web-based training module can be found at our newly created Public Training Page. As with any medical software or text, you are responsible to assure the information is in line with your local protocols. Please let us know what you think of our latest offerings.

Lastly, a thanks to Jim Keiken and the folks from the Call and Pump program for allowing us to host the training files with the Open ISES Project!

Survivor Receiving Center and Staging Area

Guide to Reducing Hospital Surge in Large Scale MCI

Our latest release is in the area of Emergency Management. Survivor Receiving Center and Staging Areas are designed to help reduce hospital surge by offering an alternative site for transport and treatment. In addition, SRCSA sites can be used for family reunification, mental health services and preplanned emergency service staging areas.

We have released a guidebook on the concept of the SRCSA site, as well as a presentation on how SRCSA sites operate. Both are offered in Open Document and Adobe Acrobat formats.

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Three New Cardiac Review Modules

The Latest Release in the EMS Training Program Project

Jim Keiken, our newest member of the Open ISES Project Team, has uploaded three new web-based cardiac training modules. These modules can be used as stand-alone training modules, or be used with a Learning Content Management System. The modules include Cardiac Anatomy, the Cardiac Conduction System, and an ACLS Pharmacology Review module.

These modules can be found at our Cardiology Review Page. As with any medical software or text, you are responsible to assure the information is in line with your local protocols. Please let us know what you think of our latest offerings.

TQM for Emergency Services

A Training Course for Emergency Services Leaders

"Total Quality Management (TQM) for Emergency Services" is introductory training program on how to bring the ideals of quality management & leadership to your agency. Based on the work of W. Edwards Deming, this training project will give you an introduction into exactly what TQM is and how it differs from other management methods. Visit the project site to download the textbook and instructional presentations for free. Printed versions of the textbook are available through our store.

ECG Recognition

An Updated Release in the EMS Training Project

The EMS Training Project has released their latest offering in the form of a an update to the Electrocardiogram Rhythm Recognition project for Learning Content Management Systems such as Moodle. This release contains 20 rhythms that are identified by understanding the characteristics and patterns that are presented. This version is available in SCORM format to allow for uploading to Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) such as Moodle or Claroline.

Visit the ECG Review Workbook page to read about what is included in this release.

Open ISES Persona for Firefox

Time For a Little Fun

The Open ISES Persona When Mozilla released Firefox 3.6, one of the new options is a feature called "Personas." This displays a special graphic in the header and footer area of the web browser. A very simple persona has been created to allow you to show your support of The Open ISES Project. To get our very first persona, head over to the Open ISES Persona page.

The Open ISES Project Discussed on Gutsy Geeks

Bob Austin, the founder of The Open ISES Project was invited to come and speak on the Gutsy Geeks radio program out of Phoenix, AZ. Bob's interview was broadcast live in Phoenix on Saturday, June 27 at 2pm local time. You can now hear that interview by visiting their audio archives or by downloading the show in either OGG format or MP3 format.

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