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Welcome to the Open ISES Project

Open ISES Coming Back

Work Has Started to Bring the Project Back to Life

If you have come by the web site you will have noticed that it hasn't been updated in a long time. The primary cause was returning to school to finally get my degree. With work and family, school took up the majority of time I might have had left. As a result, a number of activities took a back seat and the OpenISES project was one of those activities.

One project that did not fall to the side was the Tickets project. Thanks to on-going hard work of Arnie Shore and the rest of the gang involved with the Tickets CAD project, we are pleased to report that project is still going strong. See our article below for the latest updates and how you can get a copy of Tickets

For the OpenISES project, it will take some time to get our stuff back up and running. This web page is just a first step. We are reorganizing the site and reviewing the projects that will be made available. We hope that you will come back on occassion to see where we are as we bring the OpenISES project back to life.

| 01 January 2015 |

Tickets: Computer Aided Dispatch Software

Version 2.41K Now Available

Tickets, the flagship software product of the Open ISES Project has released their latest update. This latest version is primarily a bug-fix release. This latest release is the most recent in a series of on-going updates and improvements to the software.

If you are not familiar with Tickets, it is a fully functional CAD system that includes such options as vehicle tracking, cell phone and text message integration, automatic e-mail notifications and more. It is cross-platform, and will work with any modern day browser, on any computer system. To learn more about Tickets, visit the Tickets CAD web site at You can also download the latest version Tickets 2.41K from our file repository.

Open Source Software

Experience freedom

Much of the software used by emergency services today comes in a "one size fits all" box. It makes no difference if the community is 600 or 600,000. For many of the smaller agencies the cost of such software is simply out of reach. Through the use of open source software, we can help you meet your specific software needs and not pillage your budget.

The use of open source software allows you to have access to the software code, the very thing that allows the software to function. By having access to the source code, you can modify the software to do what you need it to do, not what someone in a high-rise office building thinks you should be doing. This gives you the freedom to modify, change and most importantly share the software with your fellow providers. All of our software projects are required to be open source, using an open source license recognized by the Open Source Definition. Because our software is created by volunteers, there is no charge for any program and there never will be.