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Tickets: Open Source CAD Software

Basic overview

Tickets is a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) program currently under development. The lead programmer on the project is Arnie Shore. Arnie is a "retired" programmer who primarily codes in PHP, ASP, JavaScript and HTML. He has been working with several other folks (T.J.Powell of NEOMRC along with the encouragement by GITA's Talbot Brooks and Al Studt) during the development process.

The Tickets Project has it origins in the Florida hurricanes of 2004. From conversations with friends in Florida's emergency services community, he discovered that while the larger counties (such as Fairfax) had CAD systems available, the smaller communities did not (and to quote Arnie "but the good Lord must love smaller counties, since He made so many of them.") Here is a golden opportunity for demonstrating the usefulness and versatility of Open Source Software, and Arnie took up the challenge.

While we realize that Tickets isn't for everyone, we do understand that the cost of commercial CAD products can pose a real hurdle to many organizations - whether volunteer or career - that really could use a capable CAD product in their operations. Tickets may be able to help you clear that hurdle, and help make scarce funding available to meet other needs.

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Tickets 2.12

Updated 04 September 2010

This is a major update to your favorite open source CAD program. To get the full story on what has been included in this update, see the Tickets 2.12 Release Page. If you wish to download the latest version, go to download page.

For information on the previous version of Tickets, see our 2.11 Update page or Early Versions page.

To take a look at screenshots of previous versions of Tickets, visit our Screenshots page.

Tickets Highlighted at 2009 Emergency Response Symposium

Arnie Shore, the lead developer of the Tickets Project, will be one of the lead speakers at the 2009 Geospatial Dimensions of Emergency Response Symposium in Tampa, Florida. The conference will be held on April 19-22 in Tampa, Florida. This is their second conference where they bring together the worlds of emergency response and planning and geospatial technology.

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Tickets Simulation Video

15 April 2008

Want to see Tickets in action? Well now you can. We have released a video of Tickets 2.6A. This video is a simulation of a major motor vehicle collision. The video begins with the dispatch of the initial assignment (Engine, Squad, Chief, two Ambulances and a Medic Unit). You will see the dispatch update the units as they respond and arrive on the scene. You will see the dispatcher take notes from the Incident Commander. The video shows the dispatcher adding additional units to the incidents, and you will also see how the dispatcher records patient information.

The video is large, 32.3MB. However, the video is large enough (856 x 480) allowing you to actually see what the dispatcher is typing in. The video length is 13:45.

Download the Video

Discussion Forum

Open to All

We have a Google Group that is devoted to Free/Open Source Computer-Aided Dispatch software and related open source products, and provides a forum where users, both actual and potential, as well as developers may exchange ideas and experiences. While concentrating initially on Tickets, that may change over time.

Questions, answers, suggestion for future directions, will all be welcome. Join us?

Nevada-Sierra County Amateur Radio Emergency Services

William Lewis (KG6BAJ) - Emergency Coordinator

In the volunteer world such as mine, the development of Tickets is one of the tools that has been a long overdue piece of the puzzle. ARES teams all over the U.S. (and like-wise teams from around the world) have always sent volunteer teams into dangerous places and never been able to track them in a way that government dispatch centers have... until now.

Tickets is the answer for volunteer groups that just don't have the money to implement dispatch software.

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Tickets in the Real World

20 February 2008

Tickets Used for 2007 National Multiple Sclerosis Society "Ohio-Bike MS: Pedal to the Point"

In the past, keeping track of all the units and incidents has involved the use of paper maps and a lot of plain old writing paper. 2007 marked the first time Tickets (or any computer based CAD system) had been used. One of the unique characteristics of Tickets is its portability, making it very useful for working special events. To help get Tickets ready for the event Arnie Shore, the lead developer of the Tickets Project, was able to incorporate the APRS system into Tickets. There were other tweaks that were performed as well to get Tickets ready to run, and those have found their way into the current version of Tickets.

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